Volunteer Spotlight

Mary Rung

We are so happy to have Mary as a volunteer at The Centre! Since starting more than a year ago, she’s been helping out with the Thursday Bingo lunches, the Friday night dinner/dances, the monthly ice cream socials and the food distribution for those in need.

Mary is originally from Long Island, New York but has been a Florida transplant for about 22 years. She has two daughters who live in Tampa, a daughter who lives in North Carolina and a daughter who lives in Arkansas.

In addition to all she does for CSA, she also volunteers at her church feeding the homeless. In her spare time, Mary enjoys an active life including being outdoors. She walks, rides her bike and goes to the gym.

Mary truly has a heart to help others. We are so fortunate to have her as part of our CSA family!

From all of us at CSA Palm Harbor, thank you Mary!

Fall 2016

Zach Williams

Zach Williams_VOLJanApr2016_640x480Working on his Florida Bright Futures Scholarship hours since June 2015, Zach Williams shows up ready to help. He’s equally happy resetting the Duplicate Bridge room or doing general cleaning to keep The Centre looking great and he wears a warm smile doing it.

Zach is a sophomore at Palm Harbor University High School where he excels in math and literature. And, his future definitely has him looking up! Zach wants to pursue a career in aviation.

His father was in the Navy where he enjoyed some flight instruction and he thought his son would too. He was right! Zach started flight lessons in 7th grade and has been hooked ever since. He already has 65 hours of documented flight time and is well on his way to seeing this dream become a reality. Turns out it was a hobby father and son could share – his Dad got back in the cockpit too and received his own private pilot license.

When he is not high flying, studying or volunteering, Zach also enjoys fishing, playing video games and just hanging out with his friends. For a kid with his head in the clouds, he sure is well grounded!

From all of us at CSA Palm Harbor, thank you Zach!

Winter 2015-16

Jerry Myers

Fall Volunteer Spotlight_Jerry Myers editedJerry and her husband, Don, have attended bingo at The Centre since 2005. And, when Jerry learned that a volunteer was needed to call numbers she was happy to help out…and, a bingo caller was born!

As a volunteer for CSA’s “Phone-a-Friend” program, Jerry spends Friday mornings on the phone. When she calls to confirm they’re doing well, her homebound friends are happy to hear her warm and friendly voice.

Everyday is a celebration for Jerry – a 23-year cancer survivor. When she is not volunteering she enjoys cooking, crafts and genealogy. Sunday family dinners are an important event that she and Don look forward to every week.

Jerry says that “planning a family reunion is next on my ”To Do” list. But, that would be a pretty big gathering – we have 14 children, 29 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren!” BINGO!!

From all of us at CSA Palm Harbor, thank you Jerry!


Fall, 2015