PHCSA-Logo-Clean-NewThe Palm Harbor Community Services Agency, Inc. (PHCSA, referred to as “FIX-SA”) was created in 1985 per Pinellas County Ordinance 85-28 to provide library and recreation services to the residents of the Palm Harbor Community Services District, a municipal services taxing unit. Voted on by the residents of Palm Harbor, this county ad valorem tax of 0.5 mills is distributed to library and recreation services.

Click this link to read Pinellas County Ordinance, Article VI. – Palm Harbor Community Services District.

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The Agency is responsible for the management of all library and recreation department funds and hires the directors of the Palm Harbor Library, East Lake Community Library, and CSA Palm Harbor. On October 1, 2014, the East Lake Recreation Services District was created and also falls under PHCSA’s umbrella. Governed by a eight-member board of directors, each appointed to a 2-year term, the Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Each month, a different department will host the meeting at one of its facilities. For the next meeting, please call 727.771.6000.

Board of Directors

For a list of current board members and additional information about PHCSA, please visit them online @

Origin and History

The Centre was built in 1999 as the Palm Harbor Senior Center with Penny for Pinellas funds, grants from the state of Florida as well and a significant land-sale proceeds contribution from the North Pinellas Community Action Council. A beautiful cornerstone of our community, it fell into financial trouble within four years because it didn’t have any steady, ongoing funding.   At that time, Parks and Recreation was operating out of a small, local house that had been outgrown.   Both groups needed a partner.

What started as an experimental merger was a success and the ‘‘marriage” of the Senior Center and Parks & Recreation was made permanent in 2004. Since then, it operationally became known as Parks & Recreation, the Senior Center, the Activity Center and probably a few other variations on those names.

Why CSA Palm Harbor? Why in 2012? It was time. Time to get everyone on the same page. Time to unify our multi-generational programming under one, easily remembered name. And, time to take our place as the center of all things community in Palm Harbor.

Palm Harbor has a rich history, just like its parks, recreation and senior community programming. Since 1985, PHCSA (pronounced Fix-Sa) – the Palm Harbor Community Service Agency – has been the governing agency responsible for providing leisure services to the residents of Palm Harbor.

The new umbrella of CSA Palm Harbor brings it all together for parks and recreation and the community center. The stage is set to provide continued support and generate income to sustain our commitment to affordable and accessible programs and services, and firmly establish a course for sustained growth and expansion.

As we look ahead, we are all confident that CSA Palm Harbor and all of its facilities, parks and multi-sport complexes will continue to be the center of the best of Palm Harbor and continue to enjoy a symbiotic and close relationship with the community that founded it.



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